Teak Oil For Boats: Products & Care Guide

Of all the time and treasure you put into your boat, nowhere
will it be more noticeable than in the quality of your teak.
Teak care and teak
oil are often overlooked. But boat owners should learn what’s needed to care for
this unique material. The tropical wood is far different than fiberglass or
aluminum: teak came from living trees and needs to be treated with special
attention. In this guide, you’ll learn the best practices for maintaining your
teak using teak oil for boats.

Teak Oil For Boats

There are two essential steps for ensuring that your teak
lasts long:

  • Cleaning
    your teak
    and freeing it from any debris.
  • Sealing
    your teak
    from the elements.

If you use the right teak care products,
you can apply oil and sealer at the same time. This saves you money, energy,
and time. If you find a teak oil, on the other hand, that says it needs further
sealing after the oil has set in, keep browsing.

Teak Oil and Care
Items You Need

Now that you know what kind of teak oil to search for, here’s
what you need to keep your teak looking its best:

  • Life
    Scrub All
    . This heavy-duty stainless steel scrubber is great for scrubbing
    your teak clean without damaging it. Since teak and other hard woods are so
    difficult to scrub, a product that does most of the work for you will be a
    welcome way to clear out debris and prepare teak for oiling.
  • Teak Brite®
    . Although this step isn’t always necessary, especially on new
    teak, you can use Teak Brite® before application of oil and sealer in order to
    give your teak a quick visual lift. Make sure to rinse thoroughly after use, and
    allow the teak to dry completely before the application of oil.
  • Teak
    Brite® Advanced Formula Oil and Sealer
    . This is the step that accomplishes
    two in one. Let your teak dry a good 24 hours so that your oil and sealer will
    thoroughly penetrate the wood and give it the protection it needs. This is a
    very low-labor task, requiring only a simple application with a paint brush.

The most important thing to remember here is that each and
every product should be applied separately. Allowing a full day for your teak
to dry before applying the oil may seem like a long time to wait, but it will
give you the best results.

Proper teak care doesn’t have to require endless reading and
back-breaking work. With the right teak care products in hand, you can simply
clean, rinse, dry, and apply the proper materials. If you do it the right way,
your teak can be refinished in a weekend. Teak is an important material on any
boat. It deserves the right products and the right care. 

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