Summer 2015: This Year’s Hottest Places for Boating

There are two types of boaters when it comes to the best
boating spots in the world. The first type believes that there are certain
places in which conditions – from weather to water quality to local culture –
make for the most idyllic boating locations. These people are realists, and
understand that some places are simply more suitable for boating than others.

The other type of boater says: “wherever you can find water
is your best spot for boating.” No matter which type of person you are, you’re
guaranteed to find some beautiful places to boat this summer. And even if
you’re like the latter type of boater, you can always travel to make sure that the
nearest water and the hottest boating spots actually become one in the same.
Here are a few of the top boating spots this summer.


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Seattle, Washington is beautiful in the summer, and many
people believe that it’s one of the top boating spots because of the abundance
of protected salt water. That salt water lies between mountains, forest inlets,
and all sorts of beautiful peninsulas that make for spectacular sights and
sounds. What’s more, Seattle is rated as a “5 for 5” for boating ease, which
means that you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy this kind of boating. With
Seattle’s beautiful landscapes and abundant marinas, you’ll find it a gorgeous
and restful place to boat this summer.

Corpus Christi

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Many people across the nation forget about Texas’ beautiful
coastline along the Gulf of Mexico when it comes to boating. Corpus Christi
offers beautiful sites, waterside towns, as well as barrier islands. There’s
plenty of area for boating, of course, but there’s also plenty to do if you
happen to be in the Corpus Christ area. Corpus Christi also includes the
idyllic Padre Island National Seashore, which helps preserve much of the natural
beauty of the coastline.

Tampa Bay

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On the other side of the Gulf of Mexico – which is no
coincidence when it comes to beautiful boating – you’ll find Tampa Bay. There’s
a reason the city of Tampa has flourished in this area. There’s plenty of
available water front, there’s plenty of boat access even for visitors, and
you’d be amazed at just how much sailing and boating have ingratiated
themselves into the local economies.

Lake Champlain

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Any inland boater knows that you don’t need
seaside access to have a great time boating. Lake Champlain is an example of
that simply by looking at all that it has going on, from upstate New York to
Vermont. It’s a beautiful location in the summer, with warm temperatures and
mild nights, fresh landscapes, and an open breeze that makes boating anywhere
else feel positively stuffy by comparison. 

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