Sprung a Boat Leak? Here are Three Steps to Avoid Disaster


It’s every boat owner’s worst nightmare: water inside the
boat. But if you’re prepared and have an action plan, springing a minor leak
doesn’t have to be a disaster.

Find the Leak

Isn’t the source of any boat leak obvious? It’s where the
water’s coming in, right? In reality, you’ll first notice most leaks simply
because there’s water in your boat. You don’t necessarily know where it came from, which is why finding
the source is so critical. You don’t know just how long the leak has been
running. If it’s a serious leak, you may need to take immediate emergency

One way is to simply remove water from the boat with a
bucket and follow it to its source as the water levels die down. But if this
isn’t feasible, it’s better to return to shore and lift the boat out of water
for closer examination. One “trick” is to watch the boat as it drains, looking
to see where the water is now coming out
of the boat.

Consult a Boat Emergency
Repair Kit

You might really call this two steps:

  • Taking the time to store an emergency sealing
    kit on board your boat
  • Addressing the leak with your emergency kit as
    soon as possible

That first step is important, because once you’ve sprung a
leak, it’s already too late for you to arm yourself with an emergency kit. Just
like the best time to buy an umbrella is when the sun is shining, the best time
to acquire an Emergency Repair Kit is when the boat is dry as a bone. If all goes according to
plan, you’ll never have to use it. But as any boat owner can tell you, it
rarely goes according to plan.

This particular emergency kit is outfitted with Life-Calk®
which is a boat sealant that cures in the presence of water—and because it’s
highly water-proof, it works well, even when the conditions aren’t ideal for an
emergency repair.

Why Life-Calk®? In addition to the qualities listed above, this
boat sealant will adhere to a variety of materials common in boats: wood,
fiberglass, metals, glass, and even itself. Without a versatile boat sealant on
hand, you can never be sure if your repairs will take. Better to be safe than

On Shore, Conduct
Repairs and Resurfacing

If you’ve used the boat Emergency Repair Kit with success,
all that remains is getting the leak to look more like the boat around it. No
one wants a large, obvious rubber “plug” on their boat. Consistency is the key

If you need to make more serious repairs, consult our boat caulks and sealants
page for everything you need to keep your boat well-sealed.

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