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There’s an old expression on dry land: “where the rubber
meets the road.” It refers to the most important step in any plan—the part
where reality sets in. When it comes to boats, it’s your hull that most
interacts with the marine environment. Just as you need to keep track of your
tires, a responsible boat owner needs to maintain the boat hull and keep it
clean. Here is a look at our best boat hull cleaner and a few tips that can make
the cleaning process easy.

Keeping Your Boat
Hull Clean

The most important part of keeping your hull clean is to
take it out of the water every so often. The marine environment can be harsh,
even on boat hulls—particularly in salt water or in areas where marine growth
is prominent. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • If you keep your boat in salt water for an
    extended period, the general expectation is to hire a diver every so often to
    keep the hull clean. Unfortunately, there is no way around this—but it can
    prevent problems down the line.
  • If you keep your boat in fresh water, you should
    still have a seasonal routine that includes taking your boat out of the water.
    In some cases, your boat might be on dry land more than it is on water—the good
    news here is that cleaning the hull will be a lot easier.
  • Although colder water tends to prevent marine
    growth, even boats kept in cold water will need routine cleaning to keep the
    hull in its best shape.

Once you’ve embraced these ideas, it’s time to think about
what products can offer the most help when your boat is out of the water and
ready for a good cleaning.

BoatLIFE’s Best Boat
Hull Cleaners

Here are two of our best boat hull cleaners that every boat
owner should keep handy:

  • Hull Cleaner. The
    acid-free formula is gentle on the boat and far gentler on the environment than
    traditional acid cleaners. The spray bottle helps you apply an even coating of
    cleaner, which is a lot easier to handle when you’ve got a large hull to clean.
  • Boat Cleaner. A general
    boat cleaner should also be able to handle your boat’s hull, but always read
    the labels to make sure. Better yet, opt for Boat Cleaner with full confidence
    that you’re working with a non-phosphate, biodegradable formula that easily
    washes off and won’t leave harmful residue when you put your boat back in the water.
    Note: When it comes to boat hull
    cleaning, it’s always better to opt for the gallon rather than the pint.

Stock Up on Other
Boat Cleaning Supplies

Incorporate the right products with some mindfulness about
the state of your hull, and your boat will reward you with a clean, fresh
appearance that should last for years. If any other parts on your boat give you
trouble, you can always browse our full list of
boat cleaning
to find products that will make your life as a boat owner easier.

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