How to Manage Mold and Mildew on Your Boat

Summer is a notorious time for mold accumulation. The
increased humidity causes mold spores to propagate quickly and extensively on
your upholstery, decks, and just about every surface it can attach itself to. Remove
this damaging fungi by following these steps below:


Prevention is your first line of defense against mold and
mildew. It’s important to constantly protect against mold and mildew before
they even start to grow. Apply a mildew/mold cleaning solution, scrub your boat
thoroughly, and allow it to dry completely. If it’s a sunny day leave it in the
sun for a few hours. The sun is a great mold zapper. If you’re storing your
boat over the colder months, clean it thoroughly with a mildew/mold solution so
nothing crops up during the winter. Use seat covers on the seats for added
protection during storage.


If you already have mold buildup on your boat follow these techniques
for removal.

  • 1.Remove immediately- As soon as you notice mold
    or mildew get rid of it. This fungi can wreak havoc on your boat’s surfaces and
    cause long term damage if not dealt with promptly.
  • 2.Cover your hands, nose, and mouth- Arm yourself
    with a respiratory mask to prevent inhalation and rubber gloves. Mold and
    mildew are responsible for numerous health hazards that you will want to
    protect yourself from.
  • 3.Clean the area with soap and water and rinse
    off- this method will eliminate the easy to remove initial mold spots. If
    you’re cleaning seats use a small scrub brush so you can make sure to get into
    all the small crevices.
  • 4.Apply a mildew and/or mold remover- A quality
    remover will expel the stubborn spots that couldn’t be removed with the soap
    method, as well as kill all trace elements of the fungi. Spray the area with the
    cleaner and let it sit for a couple minutes. Then scrub with the appropriately
    sized brush to remove the mold or mildew. Scrub the problem area and the
    surface around it to ensure that it doesn’t come back. To avoid damage to
    fabrics, invest in a chlorine-free solution that will be gentler on these
    softer surfaces.

You will have to choose your weapon depending on the surface
you’re cleaning.
BoatLIFE has
two highly effective mildew removers.

  • Bilge
    – This cleaning product is a great defense against mildew. It is a
    water-based degreasing, non-foaming, biodegradable formula that cleans carpets,
    upholstery, and concrete.
  • Mildew
    – As its name indicates, this cleaning product eradicates mildew. It
    is a chlorine-free, acid-free, one-part system that is both time saving and
    highly effective.

Mold and mildew growth is a plaguing annoyance for just
about every boat enthusiast. While it can’t be avoided completely, these steps
will ensure that you can manage it easily and efficiently. What are your
recommended ways for mold and mildew eradication? Please let us know!

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