Get Rid of Boat Odors


Your boat might look its best, but unless it smells just as
fresh, those good looks may go to waste. Nothing ruins a quality boating
experience quite like foul odors. Even worse, it can be difficult to diagnose
the cause of the odor in the first place. Here is a quick guide to get rid of
boat odors so your guests won’t have to pinch their noses!

Boat Odors 101:
Prevention and Inspection

It starts with preventing boat odors in the first place. For
example, using
as part of your cleaning routine will prevent the buildup of mildew in damp areas on your boat. A regular cleaning routine is an
important step to preventing boat odors from building up.

When foul smells get past your routine, you’ll have begin by
finding the source. Start with the most common areas on your boat—any waste
removal system, bilges and bait wells in particular. Because these are most
frequently in contact with organic material, they are the areas most
susceptible to bacteria buildup—and the odor that comes with it.

Clean the Common
Causes of Boat Odors

If you’re still not sure where the odor is coming from,
now’s the time to invest in some serious cleaning products to flush out the
most common culprits:

  • Live Well
    and Bait Well Cleaner
    . Your bait well is exposed to a lot of bacteria and
    even protozoa. Clean it out regularly to ensure that it’s safe to use and
    odor-free. This serves a second purpose: keeping your bait well clean for any
    fish or bait that go inside.
  • Bilge Cleaner. The
    boat bilge should be #1 on your list of odor suspects. Even if you don’t find
    that it’s the source of your current bad smells, it will do your boat a lot of
    good to keep it as clean and fresh as possible.

Keeping these two areas of your boat clean should often get
rid of boat odors. But what do you do if the smell remains?

Additional Tips

If this still isn’t enough to clear out the odor, it’s time
to try some more advanced techniques:

  • Check the
    Upholstery that’s gone bad can be one of the most difficult
    hiding spots for odors. Even worse, few boat owners suspect that anything is
    happening inside a chair that could possibly cause odor.
  • Inspect
    all pump hoses.
    It’s possible you may need to replace them if they turn out
    to be the source of foul smells.
  • Take the
    boat out of the water and let it dry.
    You’d be surprised at how much easier
    it is to identify the source of a boat odor once your boat is removed from the

Chances are, if you’ve gone through all of these steps,
there won’t be a boat odor capable of escaping your notice. But it doesn’t hurt
to keep your boat maintained with the
proper cleaning
in the first place. Our cleaning products that are specifically
designed for boats will leave a pleasant fragrance and react much better with
the marine environment.

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