Five Hidden Benefits to Waxing Your Boat Regularly

Ask most people why they wax their boat and they’ll likely
tell you one thing: it looks better with wax on it. The same reasoning goes for
cars. But many people forget that waxing a boat isn’t just about appearances;
it’s about real benefits to maintenance and performance that you can’t have if
you ignore your boat’s hull.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the reasons boat
owners continue to wax their boat hulls religiously:

UV Damage

When most boat owners think about maintaining their hull,
they’re mostly concerned with frequently washing it in order to clear the dirt
from it and prevent issues like rust and staining from settling in. And that’s
great—that’s exactly what you should
do to maintain long-term hull integrity and quality.

But don’t forget about UV damage. Many boats spend most of
their time in the sun, which means that any custom graphics, paint, and other
issues are exposed to long-term sun damage. Adding a coat of LifeWax will help prevent
that UV damage and preserve the color and quality of your boat exterior.

Drag in the Water

Waxing your hull is a labor of love for speed demons who
are looking to get their boat a little bit faster. If that’s not your main
concern, you may still notice an improved glide on the water. This doesn’t
necessarily last very long since the water will remove much of the excess wax,
but you’ll likely notice an immediate improvement. Some boat owners will wax as
regularly as once per month to ensure that their boat has this kind of glide on
the water, but depending on your performance needs, that kind of maintenance
might not be necessary.

Boats in Direct Sunlight

Some people don’t think about the amount of sunlight to
which their stored boat is exposed. If you leave your boat out on a driveway or
a lawn, then it’s going to have as much sun exposure as if you had it out all
day on the lake. Cleaning and waxing your boat before long-term storage in
sunlight is wise if you want to prevent fading colors and UV damage. Many
competitive boaters will wax their boats after
the boating season for this very reason.


Many people don’t think about what’s going on in the water
when their boat is exposed to all sorts of marine life and water conditions.
Having a layer of wax adds some protection to your boat so that it’s more
resistant to any long-term damage. It will also help prevent the buildup of
debris and other hull contaminants that come with regular boating.

Your Graphics

Graphix Wax is
ideal if you want your graphics to stay out of the sunlight and protected from
the marine environment. Since it’s designed specifically with boat graphics in
mind, this is integral if you want to retain your investment in graphics for as
long as possible. With some graphics, merely washing your boat isn’t always

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