Cleaning & Repairing Boat Upholstery

While you know all about repairing your boat—handling the
fiberglass, protecting the wood, and more—upholstery can be tricky. How do you
best clean it, protect it from sun damage, and ultimately repair it when need
be? There’s on one answer for cleaning boat upholstery. But typically, the
solutions involve the proper cleaning and treatment of vinyl. Here are some of
our favorite tips, tricks, and repairing methods for keeping your boat
upholstery looking its best.

Cleaning and
Protecting Vinyl to Keep Upholstery Healthy

Many people clean their vinyl with a general purpose
cleaner, wipe it off, and believe that their work is done. And to some extent,
it is. General purpose cleaner will indeed clear debris and dust from your
vinyl. But consider the long-term ramifications of this method. If you fail to
use vinyl protectant, all of your vinyl upholstery will remain susceptible to
sun and weather damage. Over time, this damage adds up to faded and
unattractive upholstery. You might not see it appear overnight, but eventually,
the law of averages wins out. When you clean vinyl, it’s vital to both clean and protect… using the right products.

Use VinyLIFE
Cleaner & Protectant
. The spray-on, wipe-off formula makes vinyl just
as easy to clean, but it also includes the following benefits:

  • UV protection to prevent long-term sun damage
  • Restore and brighten the color of your vinyl
  • Remove dirt, grime, and other stains

With VinyLIFE applied to your upholstery, you’ll do just as
much cleaning in the same amount of time while protecting your upholstery. That
means a longer-lasting boat interior that should require minimal upkeep over time.

Repairing Boat
Upholstery That’s Been Damaged

Although VinyLIFE is a fine protectant for your boat
upholstery, there will be some damage it simply can’t prevent. Here are some of
the most common problems that need to be addressed:

  • Ripping
    or tearing in exterior vinyl.
    A small hole in your vinyl will expose the
    cushioning or other materials underneath. Typically, you can buy a vinyl repair
    kit that includes putting a patch underneath the tear and applying a liquefied
    adhesive to the exterior for coverage. The larger and more complicated the
    tear, however, the less likely these kits are to work.
  • Sun
    damage or discoloration.
    If you only recently switched to VinyLIFE, you
    might already notice the damage the sun’s done to your upholstery in all of
    your years of general purpose cleaning. VinyLIFE will restore much of the color
    of your upholstery, so don’t try any drastic methods until you’ve tried VinyLIFE

If you have other vinyl upholstery issues in your boat, they
can often require more dedicated repair work, such as patching up or even
replacing some pieces. If your upholstery is beyond your powers to repair, take
it to an expert and look for a quote. If not, give VinyLIFE a try and see just
how well boat upholstery can be restored to its original luster after a few
weeks of dedicated use.

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