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If you have any experience with boats, you already know the
value of a good boat wax. The quality of your boat’s fiberglass is one of the
first signs of its age—and unsightly fiberglass makes for an unsightly boat. You
protect your fiberglass by waxing your boat, of course. But which boat wax
product will you need, and what other boat wax uses are there? Here are our
recommendations to help you find the right wax for your boat.

Life Wax: General-Use
Boat Wax

It all starts with Life Wax. This is a high
quality, general-use boat wax that will help to extend the life of your
fiberglass. This poly-carnauba™, easy-application wax is suitable for all
fiberglass, which means it works just as well on sailboats, power boats, and
even water skis and surfboards. What really counts here is the UV protection
that keeps your fiberglass free from excessive sun damage. When used in
conjunction with
the coat can last up to three years!

This wax is ideal for protecting what is already an
attractive fiberglass exterior. But if you have something that needs a little
boost, you might want to consider the other options below.

Life-Restorer Wax:
Bring a Boat Back to Life

If you need a deep clean in addition to a wax, or if you
need to remove a little bit of oxidation,
Life-Restorer Wax
can do it all. This pre-softened product is easy to apply, even on painted
surfaces, which means that you can quickly “catch up” an older boat exterior
back to the quality you’re looking for. And once the wax is applied, you’ll be
free to enjoy that long-term protection—not to mention a shiny new fiberglass

This boat wax product is the perfect choice if your
fiberglass needs a bit of an update but you don’t want to spend multiple
sessions de-oxidizing, cleaning, drying, and waxing.

Graphix Wax: Protect
Expensive Custom Graphics

If you recently had expensive, time-consuming custom
graphics installed on your fiberglass, ignore the top two boat wax products and
jump strait to
Graphix Wax.
Your custom graphics will require special protection if you want your
investment to last as long as possible.

That comes in the form of Graphix Wax, specifically
formulated for situations like yours. This cleaner and UV-protectant won’t
deteriorate the quality of your graphics like other solvent-based waxes might.
In addition to that protection, Graphix Wax can clean dirt, grime, and stains,
which makes application much easier.

Choosing the Right
Boat Wax for Your Fiberglass

Each of these distinct boat wax products has a specific
purpose in mind. How do you determine what’s right for you? In some cases—such
as procuring a new set of custom graphics—the choice will be obvious. But in
other cases, you might not be so sure. In general, it’s hard to go wrong with
Life Wax for general applications—but if you notice that your fiberglass looks
like it’s in need of an update, you might want to opt for Life-Restorer Wax
instead. Reserve Graphix Wax for those especially complicated custom graphics
jobs on your fiberglass.

Want to find out more about things you can do for your boat
exterior? Browse all of our
polishes and waxes
online to match the right product to your boat’s fiberglass.

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