Boat Rebuild Project Tools To Make The Job Easy


Renovating or rebuilding a boat is no small feat. It
takes patience, diligence, determination, and above all, time. Sound
difficult? It can be. But there are a few tools you can use to make the experience
easier while optimizing your boat’s look. Here are a few key tools and
materials you may want to consider for your boat rebuild project:

Repair Putty

Repair Putty
cures strong enough and for use underwater. That means you don’t
necessarily have to replace a specific piece on your boat—in fact, you can
sand, paint, and even drill cured repair putty if you need to.

Dry Rot Wood Restorer

Dry rot can be troublesome, but it doesn’t mean you have to
completely replace the wood on your boat. Git-Rot® is an effective
alternative that works into the wood via capillary action, helping to restore
the quality and strength of the wood from the inside. This helps ensure
quality, strong wood that you can work with in the long-term.

Appropriate Caulks
& Sealants

and sealants
are essential in virtually any boat rebuild project, because
they help ensure that your materials are ding and leak-free. The key here is to
select the right tool for the job, and that means doing a little bit of
research. Which material are you working with, and which type of caulk or
sealant is best for that material? Once you make the right match, you’ll find
your project will go a lot smoother.

Dedicated Boat
Cleaning Supplies

There are too many to list here. But please feel free to
check out our many boat cleaning
to pick out the ones you need most. The key here is that you’ll
need a dedicated cleaning solution to match your specific repair needs,
especially if you’re dealing with surfaces like fiberglass or the boat bilge.
These troublesome spots on your boat will only be easier to deal with if you
have the appropriate cleaning solutions at your disposal.

Sealant Smoother

If you’re going to use sealant, then your fingers might end
up getting the worst of it. That’s why we recommend Sealant
for assistance. Even effective sealing can be dirty work. It only
helps to have a tool ready to smooth things out.


The first step in any boat restoration project is usually to
clear out debris and ensure that the affected area is clean to work with. In
working with old boats, that can be a tall order. That’s why we recommend Life Scrub-All. It comes
with a lifetime guarantee, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion or disintegration.

More Great Boat Restoration

Attempting a full boat repair is not an easy task. Give
yourself an advantage at every turn. Use the appropriate tools and products that
are designed to make your life easier. The good news? You can find a wide range
of excellent boat repair products
at BoatLIFE!

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