Boat Interior Restoration Ideas


Maintaining a high-quality boat means taking care of
everything on the outside—where the hull meets the water and where the engine
propels you on your next adventure. But what about the comfort inside your boat? Shouldn’t it feel just
as new? Here are a few boat interior restoration tips to help you get the job

Boat Vinyl: Get Your
Upholstery Looking Like New

Perhaps the fastest way to restore the interior of your boat
is to address one of the most prominent materials it contains: vinyl. In some
cases, boat vinyl can be a small part of your boat’s interior—in other cases,
you’ll find it all over. But no matter what your need is, your interior will look
new if you can get the vinyl to look new.

Cleaner & Protectant
is your best friend here. This product makes it
easy to clean off debris and restore vinyl to its original luster. Plus, it
will leave behind a layer of protection—including UV protectant—that will help
keep your vinyl its original color.

Add New Interior

One of the best ways to improve your boat’s interior doesn’t
require a lot of money. You’ll find that Sydney Boating
in Australia
has a great tip: add new interior lining where your boat needs
it. Adding a consistent lining to your floors and interior walls—or even basic
upholstery, if you have a simpler boat—can have a dramatic effect on its
appearance. Think of it as the low-cost way to hide any unsightly issues with
your boat that don’t have an effect on its performance.

Restore Your Wood &

Although boat owners tend to give up easily on wood and
metal—believing there’s nothing to be done but replace them—you can do a lot to
maintain their quality. We have an End Grain
Sealer Kit
that you can apply to plug holes and end grain on teak and other
types of wood planking.

Eliminating water penetration is the key here. Even if your
boat interior never gets exposed to massive amounts of water—and let’s hope it
doesn’t—it’s possible to get water all over wood simply through normal boating
activities like fishing. To keep your wood in its best possible condition, seal
it properly and make sure you know how to restore it when the time comes.

Keep The Rest Of Your
Interior Clean

Restoration means replacement and repair sometimes. But it
can also simply refer to a proper cleaning of your boat’s interior. Here are a
few products for you to consider if you’re restoring the interior of your own

And there are more boat cleaners
where that came from—just keep browsing BoatLIFE for more. Put all of these boat
interior restoration tips together, and there’s no reason you can’t continue to
enjoy a quality boat that looks, smells, and feels brand new. 

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