Boat Hull Cleaning Tools & Supplies To Make The Job Easy


Let’s be honest. Not every part about being a
boat owner is easy. Sometimes it’s nothing but a lot of hard work. The good
news is that it doesn’t have to be. Even cleaning your hull can be easy. Don’t believe us? Here are a few of our favorite boat hull cleaning tools and supplies that can make the job easy.

Aluminum Cleaner

It starts by picking the right cleaner to suit
the material. Dealing with a hull typically means dealing with fiberglass—and
we’ll have some recommendations for that as well—but don’t forget about the
prevalence of aluminum with boats like pontoons. These require products like Aluminum Cleaner rather than
ordinary soap and water.

Why? Because aluminum needs to be more than
just clean. It also needs anti-oxidants, packed in with the ability to brighten
and polish. This keeps your aluminum clean while maintaining its “still-new”


Fiberglass is one of the most common materials
in all of boating, so it always pays to know how to deal with it. Like
aluminum, cleaning with ordinary soap and water won’t do enough. Remember, you
want to make your life easy here. That means you shouldn’t have to scrub fiberglass
over and over again, and you shouldn’t have to apply extra layers of
protection. One cleaner can do the job.

Fiberglass Powder
Cleaner & Stain Remover
will both remove dirt and leave your
surface ready for waxing. That makes it an essential part of your regular boat
maintenance routine, allowing you to skip a step that you’d otherwise be left
to wonder about.

General Boat

Of course, not every part of your boat will
require a dedicated cleaner. You can use Boat Cleaner for general hull
cleaning in certain spots, though it’s important to be careful that you address
each specific material with the appropriate cleaner. The advantage to Boat
Cleaner? You can use it to clean your
boat’s hull—not to mention a variety of other areas on your boat. It features
an environmentally-friendly formula as well, which helps ensure that you stick
to all regulations in your area.

Making Your Hull
Cleaning Easier

Once you have the boat hull cleaning supplies
that will make the job much easier, don’t forget the tools you need. With the
proper tools, you can make quick work of even large hulls.

  • Gloves. Protecting your
    hands makes the entire process smoother.
  • Scrubber Pads. For
    difficult-to-handle spots, you might need a cleaner with a little bit more “assertiveness”
    to it. Make sure you acquire scrubbing pads that can handle your boat hull’s
    material without scratching.
  • Wiper. You might see
    them called “Reggae sponges” or simply pads attached to sticks. Whatever you
    use, make sure you can extend your reach with a long handle and that the wiper
    itself has plenty of width. This is especially important for large boats.

Now that you know all of the boat hull
cleaning tools and supplies you need, be sure to browse the rest of our boat maintenance and cleaning products
to keep your boat looking its best!

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