Boat Hull Cleaning and Waxing Tips

When it comes to your boat, you have no problem finding
excuses to get out on the water and escape from the stress of daily life on
land: you get out as often as possible. But even adventurous possessions like boats
aren’t all fun and games: they require good, consistent care if they’re going
to keep providing you with the fun weekend sojourns you so enjoy.

But how often will
you need to work on your boat to keep it clean, fresh, and well maintained? If
you do everything right, the answers might surprise you.

Waxing Your Boat

Keeping your boat freshly waxed isn’t just about keeping it
looking clean. It’s about protecting your graphics, sealing out scum and mildew, and keeping your hull’s finish
fresh. So it only makes sense that you should wax your boat as often as
possible, right?

Not necessarily. In fact, if you keep your boat well
protected, then waxing it over and over again can simply become redundant.

How often you wax your boat will likely depend on a few
variables. For example, you may only need to wax your boat once a year if you
keep it above water or in the garage. If you keep your boat in the water
year-round, though, you may want to think about waxing your boat every three or
four months, amounting to about three times per year. Exposure to the sun is
another variable too—and keeping your boat freshly waxed with the proper wax can
protect from UV rays.

Washing Your Boat

Every boat isn’t just one uniform object—it’s a collection
of objects, materials, and systems. Your live well and bait well are different
than your hull, for example. But when it comes to washing your boat hull, most
people recommend washing it as often as you can, especially if the boat is held
in water.

It’s not necessary to wash your hull this often, of course,
but you’ll get the best results if you do. What’s important is that if you keep
your boat in the water, you should have it lifted out every so often so that
you can wash it down with environmental-friendly
washing material
and fresh, clean water. This will help reduce the damage
caused by salt and scum, depending on where you keep your boat most of the

Some people recommend washing your boat every time you bring
it out of the water. If you house your boat in a garage, this can become a
little tedious. Every boat owner is different, however, so if you enjoy washing
and cleaning—go ahead and enjoy!

Clean as You Go

When it comes to your live well, your bait well, and other
parts of your boat, how frequently you clean and maintain each part will depend
on its usage. Some people who boat frequently will have to go through quite a
bit of cleaning material, while others can get away with cleaning only so
often. Try to “clean as you go” when it comes to materials like carpets and
upholstery, and use an effective bilge cleaner when you
do decide the interior of the boat is due for a clean.

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