Boat Carpet Cleaning Guide


You take good care of your boat—inside and out. But there’s
one element that might not be top of mind. Many boat owners unfortunately ignore
stains on their carpeting until it’s too late and they get set in. Don’t fall
into this trap. Stick to this boat carpet cleaning guide to ensure your boat looks its best from carpet to hull.

Avoid Common Boat
Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

First, let’s talk about what not to do:


    • The car
      Believe it or not, some boat owners have taken their boat with them
      through the car wash. This is not recommended, as it exposes the boat to
      chemicals that aren’t designed for specific boat materials. It will do a number
      on your boat carpet, sure, but not in a good way.


    • Bleach.
      The less you care about your boat carpeting—and let’s face it, it’s not the
      same as your living room carpet—the less inclined you are to read the label of
      a cleaning product. The problem is that when something like bleach is included
      with that product, you could end up with a very clean—and very


  • Ignore
    your carpet.
    You might think that you have a great carpet because it’s
    stain-free. You might think that your boat’s odors are just a natural part of
    owning a boat. Unfortunately, many odor problems actually take hold in the
    carpet. If you want to host people on your boat and ensure they have a great
    time, a little boat carpet cleaning can go a long way.

Now let’s focus on what you can do to maintain a cleaner, better-smelling carpet.

Better Boat Carpet
Cleaning Habits

Cleaning your carpet can be much simpler than you might

The first good habit? Spot cleaning. Keep Carpet Spot Remover
handy whenever you notice a new stain or spot in the carpet. The faster you get
to it, the better your chances of removing the spot.

To start cleaning your carpet, use a sturdy brush to clear
out any debris that’s accumulated over time. This can include anything from
small rocks to leaves and buds that have fallen in the boat. Next, use a
Boat Cleaner mixed with
water, and wash the carpet directly. The best way to apply this solution is to
use a brush or sponge—though a large brush will make quicker work of the

After some time, vacuum out the carpet to help it dry out,
then leave the boat somewhere protected where it can continue to dry out. This
prevents the accumulation of mold and helps to ensure a full, odor-free
recovery. If you do continue to have odor or mildew problems, try our
Mildew Cleaner on the
affected area. The last step? Enjoy your odor-free boat carpet with a quick
trip out on the water!

Stock Up on Other
Boat Cleaning Essentials

Don’t forget to stock up on other essential boat cleaning
so you can keep your boat in its pristine condition for as long as

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