What To Look For In The Best Boat Polish For Fiberglass


What makes great boat polish so great? It’s a simple
question, and you’d think the answer would be just as simple. Boat polish should
leave your boat looking brand new. But what it takes to get there can be a little more complicated. The good news is that
when you know the answer, you’ll be able to buy the product that out-performs
the rest and leaves your boat looking fresh and new with minimal work. With
that in mind, here are a few things to look for in the best boat polish for

Made For Boats

There’s a reason you don’t want to pick out any old polish
from the hardware shelves and bring it to your boat. You’ll want polish
specifically designed for your boat.
Usually that means picking out a polish formulated for fiberglass. How can you
tell? Just read the label or online description—it should tell you that it’s
formulated for fiberglass boats.


Take PolyShine
as an example. This top boat polish product is designed to work in conjunction
with Life Wax for a
protective treatment that lasts up to three years. That provides the kind of
long-term durability that lasts for season after season. This means you’ll
spend less time laboring over your boat, less money at the hardware store, and
ultimately more time enjoying the boat itself. If your polish doesn’t have a
reputation for durability, keep looking.

UV Inhibitors

UV protection is too often overlooked. Sure, it’s important
to keep your skin protected from UV rays—but how often do you apply the same
logic to your boat? Protecting it from UV rays will help prevent discoloration,
which in turn can keep your boat’s fiberglass looking as vibrant as the day you
first purchased it. Yes, your wax can offer some UV protection as well, but
when it comes to protecting your boat—you’ll want as much as you can get.


Can the product also handle chrome and stainless steel? Or
do you have to buy separate products to handle those? PolyShine serves as an
example of a versatile product that can handle a range of boat finishes without
compromising its initial design. This makes the work of polishing your boat
much easier to handle.



Even if a polish has all of the above, affordability should
be a primary concern. Do you really want to shell out the big bucks just to
have a healthy supply of boat polish, or are you willing to look for the
bargains on premium products that will keep you on-budget? At just over a
dollar per ounce, PolyShine delivers again.

Shop BoatLIFE

Now that you know what to look for in the best boat polish
for fiberglass, you’re free to explore hardware stores for the perfect product.
Or you can skip all that and head over to our Boat Wax, Polish, and
Compounds section
to find industry-leading products that will keep your
boat looking brand new!

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