Aluminum Boat Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Aluminum deserves its reputation as a light, strong, and
durable material for boats. It helps to make quality boats affordable, and the
material is strong enough to support a boat for years. The only problem arises
when you don’t know how to maintain your aluminum and let it go bad. When
aluminum goes bad—succumbing to corrosion, staining, or a myriad of other
problems—you’re the one who has to foot the bills. Here are some aluminum boat
maintenance tips and tricks to help you keep your boat in great shape.

Keeping Your Boat Dry

Since your boat is designed for the marine environment, it
can be easy to forget that keeping it dry should be a priority. All sorts of
problems—including odor, mold, and rusting—can develop when you don’t dry off your
boat or keep it in the right environment.

The same is true for aluminum boat maintenance. Aluminum has
been known to corrode when your boat has been exposed to the water for too
long. Here are some tips for properly drying off a lake boat:

  • Let the
    water drain.
    It’s not enough to get your boat to dry ground. You’ll want it
    to drain properly. Some experts recommend keeping your outboard attached while
    you keep it at an angle for proper drainage.
  • Don’t
    interfere with your drainage.
    Sand and other debris can get in the way of
    proper drainage, so make sure to use this time and inspect your boat. Leaving a
    patch of damp debris on your boat can be the same as keeping it in the water.

These are simple steps to take, but you’ll be amazed at the
quality of your aluminum over the long-term life of your boat. Don’t forget to
properly dry off your aluminum after any fresh wash, even on dry land.

Keeping Your Aluminum

It’s not enough to keep your boat dry—your aluminum itself
should remain clean. Our Aluminum Cleaner is
your best bet. By serving as an aluminum brightener and polish in addition to
offering its long-term protection, it will serve as an all-in-one treatment for
your aluminum’s health.

Another strength of Aluminum Cleaner is its anti-oxidant
properties. By staving off corrosion and rust, it will significantly improve
your aluminum boat maintenance, helping the material to keep its strength and

Why is that so important? Because as aluminum corrodes, it
loses all of its integrity. That means you can’t make simple repairs—you’ll
have to replace the aluminum itself. That’s a costly and labor-intensive
exercise. It’s far better to invest in a dedicated aluminum cleaner and stave
off corrosion before it sets in.

Better Boat Maintenance

Maintaining your boat is about more than mere cleaning. It’s
about matching the right products to their materials. Aluminum is one such
material, but there are plenty of boat cleaning
you’ll need to be aware of if you’re going to keep your boat
looking its best for the lowest investment possible. All it takes is a little
know-how and the right products in your corner.

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