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How To Properly Clean Your Boat Trailer


We all know that cleaning your boat is important to not only keep it looking great, but to also ensure that your boat doesn’t fall victim to early rust and other deterioration. But did you know that when it comes to your aluminum boat trailer that keeping it clean is just as important? Check out these tips on how to clean your boat trailer the right way.



Selecting the right cleaner


When it comes to your aluminum boat trailer, you need more than just a general cleaner. Instead, you should use a specific cleaner that will make your trailer look new, while not harming the environment or the aluminum itself. Using soap and water might get the dirt/salt water off, but it doesn’t protect the aluminum itself. Our Aluminum Cleaner not only cleans, but it will brighten and shine your trailer so you aren’t just cleaning the surface, but are also helping restore the original shine of the aluminum. Using a specific cleaner targeted to aluminum will ensure long-term health and appearance of your metal.

How to clean


The first step is to bring your trailer in somewhere safe and dry. You do not want to apply the cleaner where it can potentially affect wildlife or get in the water, even if your cleaner is biodegradable. It’s always important to be more cautious! Be sure to have the trailer somewhere that is easily accessible and you can walk easily all around the boat. This will allow you to do a thorough job of cleaning more quickly. Do a quick walk around the boat and clean off any excess debris. A quick rinse with fresh water will ensure that your trailer is ready to go. Once dry, apply the cleaner and rub it into the surface. We suggest applying the cleaner to the entire trailer before rubbing off. Giving it adequate time on the trailer will ensure best results. When finished applying, start wiping off where you first started. When finished, step back and watch the original aluminum’s shine come through!

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