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​Refurbishing A Boat Interior



The exterior of your boat is what most people notice first. But if anyone ever joins you inside the boat, the boat interior will end up being the only thing they notice. That’s why it’s so important to make your boat’s interior as high-quality and comfortable as possible. But what if your boat leaves much to be desired? Then it’s time to consider how to best refurbish it. We’ve put together a few tips to help you while refurbishing a boat interior. Make your boat look like new!

Restoring & Protecting Your Vinyl

Vinyl upholstery can be tremendously valuable inside a boat. It’s water-resistant, it’s clean, and it can look attractive. But like anything else, vinyl needs attention, too.

Our suggestion: regularly clean and maintain your vinyl with VinyLIFE. This dual vinyl cleaner and protectant also has restorative properties, brightening the colors underneath. Before you attempt any heavy-duty restorations on your interior, try giving your vinyl a thorough spraying and cleaning with VinyLIFE. If necessary, take before and after photos to get a sense of just how much you can refurbish your vinyl using this bottle alone.

Restoring Wood & Metal

Here at BoatLIFE, we offer a number of Wood and Metal Restorers. Dealing with boat wood has proven to be one of the primary challenges for new boat owners, who aren’t used to the idea of getting wood suffering from a problem like dry rot back to its original luster and strength.

A Git Rot Kit, however, can work wonders. Featuring a two-part liquid epoxy that saturates the wood via capillary action, it’s possible to get the epoxy solution deep into the wood for a restoration so strong that you can then drill, screw, sand, and paint it. This is an essential step for anyone refurbishing a boat interior that features wood afflicted with dry rot, which is why we recommend it in any boat owner’s refurbishing kit.

Getting Rid Of Tricky Adhesives

Anyone who’s ever tried to make a boat (or even a car) look like new knows just how tricky adhesives can be. Even if you went into your refurbishing process assuming that wood would be your biggest challenge, removing a stuck-on adhesive can prove to be the most frustrating.

The way to cut through it? Use a spray specifically designed to help you take off adhesives. Our Release Adhesive & Sealant Remover will aid in this process immeasurably. Be sure to follow these steps:

  • Use a flat object for scraping that won’t damage the underlying material.
  • Apply a generous amount of Release, working slowly. The key is patience—applying more Release as you work helps ensure that you remove the adhesive off in one clean piece.
  • Clean the area once you’re finished, using Release to get off any remaining adhesive.

These three simple steps are fantastic ways to refurbish the interior of your boat. If you want more tips for cleaning and restoring the look of your boat, browse all our boat cleaning & maintenance products here at BoatLIFE today.

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