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​How To Clean An Inflatable Boat


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An inflatable boat is all about convenience. It’s a simple, portable, and easy way to get yourself out on the water to enjoy a great time. Until it comes time to clean it. Suddenly you find yourself lost. You have no idea how you’re supposed to clean this type of boat without letting it get dirty again. Fortunately, there are some ways you can reduce the stress and labor of cleaning—especially if you use the right products. Here’s how to clean an inflatable boat the easy way.

Tips for Cleaning an Inflatable Boat

You’ve likely cleaned a surface like this before—just not in this shape. That’s why many of our tips are focused on reducing the labor involved and making the cleaning process as simple and thorough as possible. Here are a few key tips:

  • Use water to your advantage. When you clean an inflatable boat, the key problem is surface area. You have a lot of surface area to cover and you only have two hands. That’s why it’s important to use water to your advantage. You might even consider spraying down the boat with water to start. This pre-rinse can help soapy water carry, cutting down on your work time.
  • Work in sections. Using the pre-rinse method, try to work in sections. There’s no reason that you should have to spray the same spot twice. That’s not only unnecessary, it will add to the total time it takes to clean the boat. Just work on one spot at a time. This will also reduce how much of your boat cleaning product you end up using by the end.
  • Keep the boat inflated. It may be tempting to think of a deflated boat as easier to clean, but this is not ideal. You want your boat inflated so it’s easier to reach every area. This is why so many people clean their boat before deflating and storing.

Helpful Products

Want to make your inflatable boat cleaning session easier? Here are some products to consider:

  • Dedicated boat cleaner. Don’t just load up on soap and water. You want your boat to be streak-free and spot-free when you store it. Otherwise, your efforts will have been in vain. That’s why we recommend Boat Cleaner Quart. Mixing this in with water will help you get maximum reach on your boat, quickly getting rid of debris and other issues so you can simply wipe them away when you’re ready.
  • A water spray bottle. This is optional, but it can really enhance the experience. Remember not to spray down the entire boat before cleaning, however, as this can lead to unnecessary work and a lot of re-spraying down the line.

Spray and wipe—it’s a simple method, but if you handle things right, you’ll be able to make quick work of even complicated inflatable boats.

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