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​How to Clean Boat Windows



The streaks. The dust. The stains. If there’s anything that vexes boat owners, it just might be their windows. They’re supposed to let water bead on them without collecting a film of dust, giving your boat the clean, steady shine that you need. But as any boat owner knows, that’s not always what happens. So what can you do? Here’s how to clean boat windows.

First Things First: What Windows Do You Have?

The most primary mistake boat owners make is treating all windows the same. This isn’t the case. Many boat windows are made from one of two materials: clear vinyl or acrylic.

  • Vinyl boat windows tend to turn more opaque as they’re exposed to the sun. You can tell when a boat owner has been neglectful of these windows if the color has faded and the window gives a “lazy” or numbed-down appearance. The key here is to avoid evaporation that comes with exposure to the sun, which eliminates many of the plasticizers that helped make the vinyl look great to begin with.
  • Acrylic boat windows are lightweight and deliver much of the same strength as plastic. You’ll notice that the plastic windshields and port lights almost universally tend to be acrylic. What are the challenges here? Cleaning with friendly chemicals and not wearing the window away. You can do this by using a mild soap in a solution with plenty of water.

Once you know what kind of windows you’re dealing with, you’ll have a better sense of the best practices you need to keep them clean.

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Boat Windows

With the above in mind, what should you do beyond soap and scrubbing? Here are a few ideas:

  • Remove any debris and dust first. It’s tempting to clean your boat windows by spraying and wiping. But if you want the best results, remove any debris and dust first. This will help ensure that you get as much contact with the surface itself while doing a more thorough job of cleaning the window out.
  • Protect your vinyl windows from evaporation. Covering your windows when they’re not in use is critical for maintaining you’re the vinyl for much longer. This tends to extend their life—as well as their appearance throughout that life.
  • For acrylic boat windows, make sure that you use a gentle boat cleaner. A solution of Boat Cleaner with plenty of water is gentle and leaves behind a pleasant fragrance. You might find that you need far less cleaner than you imagined when you started.

It doesn’t take long to understand why your boat windows need different treatment than your living room windows. They’re not the same materials, and they’ll need different solutions. But when you make a routine and use the right boat cleaning products for your specific needs, you’ll find that you can enjoy clear, clean boat windows that last a lot longer than you anticipated. 

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