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​How to Get Rid of Water Spots on Your Boat



Your boat lives in water. It’s going to get a few water spots, right? Hopefully not. Experienced boat owners know that water spots can be unsightly and even tiresome to get rid of. But giving your boat the clean, consistent gloss it needs to look new doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are some tips on how to get rid of water spots.

Keeping a Clean Gel Coat

The condition of your boat’s gel coat is one of the most important factors here: will it retain water spots or will they be easy to get rid of? That’s why the most important water spot prevention tip is simply to keep your boat clean with a dedicated boat cleaner. We recommend BoatLIFE Boat Cleaner. To save money, be sure to buy in bulk so that you get the best bang for your buck over the long haul.

With this dedicated boat cleaner in hand, you can remove light dirt, water spots, and more—without removing the wax. That’s why a specialized boat cleaner is recommended over any ordinary soap that can do more harm to the gelcoat than good. This initial cleaning is a great first step to ensure that the water spot is not superficial. If it comes off easily, you’re done. If not, move on to the next step.

Dealing with Stained-On Water Spots

It’s time to use Fiberglass Powder Cleaner . This cleaner is more intense but still offers a gentle touch thanks to a non-scratching formula. Although it will remove the wax on the affected area, once the cleaner is removed, it will leave the surface ready for re-waxing, allowing you to easily restore the gelcoat after you’re finished getting rid of water spots.

However, if you really want to prepare the surface for a proper waxing, we recommend a quick polish of your boat’s surface with PolyShine. The combination of wax and PolyShine will leave a strong layer of protection that can last up to three years.

If Your Water Spots Still Remain

The nastiest and most stubborn water spots should be eliminated by this point, but sometimes, you need something even stronger. Fiberglass Rubbing Compound is as serious as it sounds, getting down into the fiberglass to remove oxidation and stains. Like the Fiberglass Powder Cleaner, this will also prepare the surface for waxing.

How to Get Rid of Water Spots in Two Easy Steps

Whichever product you use, you should stick to these basic steps:

  • Clean off the surface with the appropriate cleaner of your choice (see above). If using Boat Cleaner only, skip the following steps.
  • Once cleaned, use PolyShine to polish and prepare the surface for wax.
  • Wax the affected surface. We recommend LifeWax, the finest marine grade past wax available.

Once everything dries, you’ll have a fully restored gelcoat free of water spot stains. The key? Picking the right products to help you get rid of water spots with ease.

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