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​Essential Marine Cleaning Products



There are a few “experts” you shouldn’t trust when it comes to your boat, but the most obvious is someone who tells you that all you need to clean a boat is some soap and water. Your boat, after all, is made from more than just one material—and it interacts with a living marine environment. To clean your boat effectively and consciously, you need marine cleaning products that are formulated specifically for boats like yours. Here are the essentials you’ll want to stock up on.

Aluminum Cleaner

Aluminum is very prevalent in boats like pontoons. It also has some special requirements—it needs to have a polished, brightened look if it’s going to look clean. Our Aluminum Cleaner is perfect for brightening up your aluminum thanks to its low micron formulation and anti-oxidant properties. Combined with its cleaning power, it will protect your aluminum for the long-term, which will help prevent issues like rust and debris damage down the line.

Bilge Cleaner

Here’s a prime example of why soap and water isn’t enough for any boat: the bilge. Because of the prevalence of oil accumulation in your bilge, you’ll want an emulsifier that can handle both oil and scum. Our Bilge Cleaner’s degreasing properties mean it’s also great for using on carpets, upholstery, fabrics, and even concrete. It can also be used for fish and bait wells to maintain their cleanliness, which gives it additional versatility as a great marine cleaning product.

Mildew Remover

One of the disadvantages of working within the marine environment is also the most obvious: it’s hard to keep things clean and dry. And though you might do your best to prevent the accumulation of mildew, sometimes, it’s easier just to spot it and remove it. That’s where the easy spray-on application of Mildew Remover comes in. With its chlorine-free, acid-free formula, your boat will remain safe for the marine environment.

Boat Cleaner

You don’t want regular old soap and water, because you never know what impact your cleaning products will have on the environment. Boat Cleaner sidesteps these challenges with an environmentally safe, biodegradable formula. That makes it safe for general purpose use on boats.

Another advantage here: Boat Cleaner will clean your fiberglass without removing the gelcoat. That helps your wax application continue to offer the protection and durability that should last you for years.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Like aluminum, stainless steel comes with its individual quirks and long-term needs. An easy spray-on applicator is ideal here, since you likely won’t have so much stainless steel that you need to apply entire gallons of it at a time. Stainless Steel Cleaner is a cleaner and a protectant in one, making for easy spray-on, wipe-off cleaning. And it will leave your stainless steel resistant to fingerprints, which is always a challenge when it comes to keeping your boat close to “mint” condition.

Find More Great Marine Cleaning Products

There are more marine cleaning products to discover at Boat Life, so don’t settle for less. Find the products designed specifically for boats like yours!

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