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​Essential Boat Cleaning Tips


There’s an old saying that a boat is only as good as its owner. Maybe that’s because even the best boats can look bad in a hurry if a good owner isn’t maintaining them with a proper cleaning routine. That’s why we’ve put together these tips for making boat cleaning as easy as possible.

Purchase Only Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

No matter how careful you are to properly clean your boat, the only kind of guilt-free cleaning comes from using products that are friendly to the environment. The American Boating Association recommends going with an environmentally-friendly choice for your primary boat soap as well. Here are some of our best environmentally-friendly and biodegradable boat cleaning products:

These products do a fabulous job of cleaning your boat, so you won’t have to sacrifice labor or cleaning quality just to ensure your cleaning process is easy on the environment.

When Possible, Do 2-in-1

Most people would rather spend their time boating and not cleaning. So when you do clean, make sure you get as much out of it as possible. Look for the 2-in-1 solutions like Life Restorer Wax, which not only deep cleans but also leaves a protecting coat of wax. You’ll get double the results for the same amount of effort.

Don’t Forget the Metal

We offer Aluminum Cleaner because it’s one of the best ways to keep your boat’s metal spot-free. Unfortunately, many boat owners ignore their metal entirely, opting instead to polish their fiberglass or restore their wood. And while those are important steps as well, nothing will highlight a clean boat quite like spotless metal.

Attack Odor At its Source

A clean boat doesn’t just look clean—it should also smell clean. Find the source of your boat’s odor so you can fix the underlying problem and not simply “spray over” the issue. In many cases, mere soap and water won’t be enough to eliminate the underlying problems. Using a proper Live Well and Bait Well cleaner is a great way to attack odor at its source.

Don’t Just Clean. Protect

Use a product like VinyLIFE to perform the 2-in-1 duty of cleaning and protecting at the same time. Since it comes in an easy spray-on applicator, you’ll have no problem keeping your vinyl clear of debris and well protected from the sun—which is something that an ordinary cleaner can’t offer.

Regularly Degrease

Check the labels of your favorite cleaners to see if they can also work as degreasers. Our Bilge Cleaner, linked in the first tip, emulsifies oil and scum in addition to cleaning. If you let grease build up in your boat, the problem is only going to get more difficult to tackle. It’s better to handle grease in early buildup so that cleaning is swift every single time.

Build a Routine

Cleaning your boat is easy once you have a regular routine in place. We recommend buying the cleaning products you don’t have and starting a bi-weekly routine during boating season—even more often, depending on use. Your reward will be a boat that looks better and lasts longer. 

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