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​DIY Boat Graphics Guide



Ever look at your boat and think it looks a little…plain? Then there’s a good chance you’re the type of boat owner who wouldn’t mind putting in the effort for some DIY boat graphics. Graphics are a great way to spruce up the look of your boat. To make the process even easier, we’ve assembled some tips and strategies for adding graphics to your boat.

Boat Graphics Tips

Want to make your boat a little more unique? Then the DIY approach can be the way to go. But if this is your first time trying it out, you might want to keep a few things in mind:

  • Don’t do it all yourself. It’s tempting to use a “DIY” project as an excuse to handle every detail—but if you can use ready-made products to help boost the appearance of your boat, why fight it? For example, if you’re applying boat lettering, feel free to have a print shop handle the lettering so that it looks as good as it possibly can—then you can apply the lettering yourself.
  • Always work with a clean hull. A clean, dry hull will be your best bet for applying graphics. Take care to ensure that you meet both requirements here. You’ll find it much easier to handle every step of the process when you’ve allowed enough time for your boat to properly dry.
  • Be careful when removing old graphics. To install your own boat graphics, you may have to remove adhesive and boat decals. We recommend that you use Release Adhesive & Sealant Remover while peeling slowly. This will help your hull to look clean and smooth. And don’t forget to clean up the affected area afterward, just to make sure there’s no more adhesive left!

With the above tips in mind, you’ll stand a far greater chance at upgrading your graphics. But what if you want to ensure that your new look is here to stay?

Maintaining Your New Creation

Now that you’ve invested time and energy in making your boat look great, what do you do to maintain it with minimal fuss? Here are a few ideas:

  • Procure some specially-formulated graphics wax. You’re already familiar with how important it is to wax your boat regularly and keep the hull protected from the elements. But what about all that work you just put into your DIY boat graphics? Will ordinary wax hold up? We recommend a hefty dose of Graphix Wax, which features UV protectant properties to prevent fading.
  • Use marine-grade cleaners. Don’t use anything corrosive or abrasive to clean your newly-minted graphics. Instead, use marine grade and boat-ready cleaners to ensure that your hull looks its best.

Of course, it helps to have plenty of other boat care products in your corner. Be sure to browse all of the boat cleaning and maintenance products here at BoatLIFE!

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