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​Boat Interior Cleaning Products To Make the Job Easy



You know how to clean the interior of your car. You have no problems cleaning a kitchen or a living room. So why is it so tricky to find the best ways to clean your boat interior without doing more harm than good?

Ultimately, cleaning your boat interior (without pulling your hair out in the process) is about two steps:

  • Selecting the right boat interior cleaning products.
  • Employing the right methods

Sound simple? It is, with the right know-how. Here’s a simple boat interior cleaning guide.

Step 1: Select the Right Boat Interior Cleaning Products

Soap and water might be enough to wash your hands, but when it comes to the myriad surfaces in your boat’s interior, you’re going to need a little more than that.

  • Bilge Cleaner should be non-foaming and biodegradable. An advantage to BoatLIFE’s Bilge Cleaner is that it cleans carpets, upholstery, fabrics, and even concrete, giving you plenty of versatility for the buck.
  • VinyLIFE cleans and protects the vinyl in your boat so that it’s resistant to scuffing as well as sun damage. You can use this on vinyl furniture, upholstery, fenders, bumpers, and even rubber products.
  • Stainless Steel Cleaner should do its job as advertised while leaving no streaks. You’d be surprised at just how little stainless steel will resemble its “brand new” state if it’s marked with streaks.
  • Live Well and Bait Well Cleaner cleans and deodorizes so that your boat—even if it’s a fishing boat—doesn’t constantly smell like bait.
  • Mildew Remover will come in handy when you notice unpleasant odors even when your boat is out of the water.

These five boat interior cleaning products alone will give you the cleaning ammunition you need to handle most interior boating problems while nipping future problems in the bud. But it isn’t only about selecting the right boat interior cleaning products—you also need a system for deploying them.

Step 2: Learn How to Use Your Boat Interior Cleaning Products

There are two important keys here: first, you’ll want to make sure that you always match the proper cleaner to the proper surface. Our Bilge Cleaner can be used to clean carpets. Spraying your carpets down with Mildew Remover in the hope of deodorizing them, however, won’t yield the same results.

The second key is keeping your boat interior cleaning products on hand for spot-cleaning as necessary. It’s important to have a regular cleaning routine, true. But it’s equally important to address problems as soon as you notice them. Not only will this prevent the problem from getting out of hand and becoming a major chore, but it will keep your boat interior as fresh-smelling as ever.

Don’t be afraid to try a number of solutions for your boat interior cleaning. The right boat interior cleaning products will make your life a lot easier if you let them. Shop today!

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