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​Boat Detailing Supplies Checklist



There’s no debate about it: every boat owner wants their boat to look its best. The only debate centers on the most efficient ways to improve your boat’s appearance. Here at BoatLIFE, we have a few thoughts of our own. Here are the essential boat detailing supplies you’ll want to make your boat look its best.

Fiberglass Rubbing Compound

To detail a boat means to detail fiberglass. If your boat’s fiberglass doesn’t look its best, it will affect the overall appearance of your boat. But it’s important to achieve more than just a clean look. You’ll want to treat the fiberglass as well as you can—especially if you can find a product that accomplishes more than just a simple clean. BoatLIFE Fiberglass Rubbing Compound removes the finish on your fiberglass to prepare it for more detailing, while also getting rid of oxidation and stains.

Life Restorer Wax

A deep clean, a wax, and long-term protection—it sounds like three different products. But that’s what Life Restorer Wax can do once applied to your boat. Since this can be used on painted surfaces, it’s versatile enough to handle a large portion of your boat, as well.

LifeWax & PolyShine

Make no mistake: these are two separate and distinct products, each of which comes with its own list of features. LifeWax, for example, contains fantastic UV filtering to ensure long-term protection. PolyShine is formulated specifically for fiberglass boats and can be applied either by hand or with a buffing machine. But it’s when you combine these two in your boat detailing supplies arsenal that you get the real magic—the protecting effects can last up to three years.

Mildew Remover

Let’s face it: no one wants to deal with mildew. But if you’re detailing your boat, you might have to. Getting rid of both light and heavy mildew means having the right products to handle the dirty work. But you don’t want to damage surrounding areas on your boat, either. That’s why we recommend a dedicated Mildew Remover. It will help keep your boat dry and fresh-smelling, which is critical for an effective boat interior.


The look and long-term protection of your vinyl isn’t a trivial part of boat detailing. It’s downright essential. If you have a lot of vinyl upholstery—and we’re willing to bet that you do—then it’s only sensible to maintain, clean, and protect it as best you can. The simple spray action of the VinyLIFE bottle makes for easy cleaning and simple long-term protection.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Detailing your boat means paying attention to—what else?—the details. Details like the quality of your boat’s stainless steel should not go overlooked as you take care of the health and appearance of your boat. Try BoatLIFE Stainless Steel Cleaner.

Find More Great Boat Detailing Supplies

Want more boat maintenance products that will help you easily maintain a quality boat? We’ve got plenty of guides and products to ensure that your boat looks its best. Use the right products, and boat maintenance—and even detailing—can be a breeze.

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