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Boat Cleaning Kit- What You Need

Browse around long enough and you’re bound to see a “boat cleaning kit” on offer. So you buy one and put it in the boat. So far, so good… Until it comes time to actually clean your entire boat. The problem with most “boat cleaning kits” is that they’re usually fitted with cheap or highly [...]

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​Boat Wash and Wax Products

Want to extend the life of your boat—especially its appearance? Then there are no two more important things you can do than thoroughly clean and protect your boat’s vital surfaces. For some boat owners, washing and waxing is a near meditative experience, a way to enjoy a sunny day. For others, it’s a chore they like to do simply [...]

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​Boat Buffing Tips & Tricks

Buffing your boat is key part of maintenance to keep a high-quality look over time. But buffing can be difficult. It can be time-consuming. It comes with its own set of techniques, and you’ll want to use them if you’re going to make quick work of your boat hull. To make things easier for you, here are a few [...]

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​Boat Floor Repair Guide

You’re used to painting over dashes on your boat’s hull or maybe even handling some basic cosmetic repairs. But when it comes to one of the most essential elements on your boat—the boat floor—the repairs can get complicated. If your boat floor is suffering from issues like dry rot, there may be some ways to repair it without complete [...]

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​Boat Vinyl Cleaner Products & Uses

Nothing will age a boat faster than vinyl that’s torn, dirty, stained, or outdated. The good news? Your vinyl never has to look that way. The more attention you pay to your vinyl, the better off your boat interior will be. But effective vinyl care is about more than simply washing it and drying it every so often. You [...]

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​Boat Wax Products & Uses

If you have any experience with boats, you already know the value of a good boat wax. The quality of your boat’s fiberglass is one of the first signs of its age—and unsightly fiberglass makes for an unsightly boat. You protect your fiberglass by waxing your boat, of course. But which boat wax product will you need, and what [...]

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​Painting a Fiberglass Boat – A Simple Guide

When it comes to fiberglass, there’s good news and there’s bad news. The good news: fiberglass is a strong material that’s ideal for boats in many ways, helping you get decades of enjoyment out of a single boating purchase. The bad news: fiberglass is so durable that it often outlives its own paint job. That means you’re likely going [...]

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​Boat Hull Polish Products & Tips

There’s a reason that when something looks good, they call it “polished.” For boat hulls in particular, the polished look restores a boat to its original luster and shine, making it look brand-new. But is polishing as simple as buying polish and buffing it on? That depends on the products you’re using and the techniques you employ. We’ve put [...]

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​Boat Carpet Cleaning Guide

You take good care of your boat—inside and out. But there’s one element that might not be top of mind. Many boat owners unfortunately ignore stains on their carpeting until it’s too late and they get set in. Don’t fall into this trap. Stick to this boat carpet cleaning guide to ensure your boat looks its best from [...]

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​Our Best Boat Hull Cleaner

There’s an old expression on dry land: “where the rubber meets the road.” It refers to the most important step in any plan—the part where reality sets in. When it comes to boats, it’s your hull that most interacts with the marine environment. Just as you need to keep track of your tires, a responsible boat owner needs to [...]

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