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​A Guide to Clean & Green Boating

You love to boat, but you’re not the only one who needs the water. A responsible boat owner isn’t just safe—they’re also environmentally safe, ensuring that they don’t contaminate the space around them. If you want to be a responsible boat owner, you’ll want to know how to make clean and green boating a regular habit.Eco-Friendly Boat Cleaning You need [...]

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​Polishing An Aluminum Boat [Guide]

When you polish your boat, you’re not truly polishing your boat. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true: what you’re really doing is polishing a specific material on your boat. If you want your boat to look its best, you should know that material inside and out. For many people, that comes down to knowing what you need to [...]

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​How to Spot-Clean Your Boat Hull

You do all you can to ensure that your boat’s gelcoat is strong. You polish and wax your boat, staying careful not to use any boat cleaning products that might damage the wax and give you more headaches than they’re worth. But what do you do when you have one specific stain or spot that needs to be removed [...]

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​How to Get Rid of Water Spots on Your Boat

Your boat lives in water. It’s going to get a few water spots, right? Hopefully not. Experienced boat owners know that water spots can be unsightly and even tiresome to get rid of. But giving your boat the clean, consistent gloss it needs to look new doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are some tips on how to [...]

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​How to Check & Repair Your Boat’s Transom

Even when you inspect your hull regularly, there’s one area of your boat that can often get overlooked: the transom. New boat owners aren’t even aware that the surface of their boat’s stern even has its own name. But if you want your boat to look its best, checking and repairing the transom is essential. But that still leaves [...]

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​BoatLIFE: Pioneers in Marine Sealant

Did you know that BoatLIFE introduced what can be called the first truly marine sealant to the market? We haven’t been touting the benefits of Life-Calk® for our own health. We’ve been doing it for the health of your boat. We say that with confidence because Life-Calk still has no direct competitors, making it the true marine sealant of [...]

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​Teak Deck Maintenance Guide

On certain parts of your boat, the more care you take, the more it will repay you. The rewards of your hard work: more luster and shine—and ultimately, more life from your boat. Nowhere is this more true than in dealing with your teak boat decking. Teak, like all woods, originally comes from live plants. Its organic nature means [...]

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​How to Restore Boat Gelcoat

No matter how much you clean your boat, you might notice over time that your boat exterior tends to lose its luster. This isn’t because you’re doing anything wrong as a boat owner. Most likely, it’s that your boat’s gelcoat is simply succumbing to the rigors of boating. So what’s the best way to restore boat gelcoat? Let’s learn [...]

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​4 Boat Cleaning Accessories to Make Your Life Easy

You know all about the important boat cleaners from BoatLIFE that make your life easy. But truth be told, if you want to unlock true ease, you’ll want the right boat cleaning accessories pulling their weight. Fortunately, BoatLIFE offers a range of boating accessories for cleaning and maintaining a fresh, quality boat. Paired with our quality sealants and cleaners, you’ll be [...]

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​The Best Way to Clean Your Boat’s Stainless Steel

The most common—and incorrect—assumption about stainless steel is that it’s hands-off. In spite of it's name, however, this metal is prone to stains and other problems if you don’t clean it effectively. But that doesn’t mean you’ll need to slave away to keep it protected—not if you know the best way to clean stainless steel, that is.Three Tips for Cleaning [...]

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