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Boat Rebuild Project Tools To Make The Job Easy

Renovating or rebuilding a boat is no small feat. It takes patience, diligence, determination, and above all, time. Sound difficult? It can be. But there are a few tools you can use to make the experience easier while optimizing your boat’s look. Here are a few key tools and materials you may want to consider for your boat rebuild [...]

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​Boat Interior Wood Restoration – Steps & Advice

When you think about how good your boat looks, chances are that you picture the exterior—the hull, the glass. But most of your time boating will be spent inside. That’s why you need to learn all about boat interior wood restoration if you’re going to keep your boat looking its best from any angle. We’ve put together a list [...]

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​How To Remove Stains From A Boat Hull

Nothing affects the quality of your boat’s appearance quite like a stain. Stains might not have anything to do with the function of your boat—but once a stain settles in, it can permanently change the way it looks. If you want your boat’s life to extend for years and years, you’ll have to address any stains as they develop. [...]

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​How To Clean A Canvas Boat Cover

The hull of your boat is like its skin. Keep it in good condition, and the rest of the boat will reflect that. But what about the top of your boat? How do you protect your boat from above? A canvas boat cover isn’t an accessory—it’s a vital part of your boat that protects the rest of it. [...]

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​How To Restore Shine To A Fiberglass Boat

Contrary to popular belief, the shine on your boat does not come from within. In fact, it comes from taking care of one of the most important parts of your boat’s appearance: its fiberglass. And taking care of fiberglass is about more than preventing bad things from accumulating—it’s also about knowing how to restore your fiberglass when something does [...]

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​How To Clean A Boat Carpet

If everything else on your boat is working fine, there’s still one thing that can throw off a perfectly good afternoon for boating: a bad carpet. Whether it’s an unsightly stain or a foul stench emanating from your boat’s floor, it’s important to know how to clean it properly and how to keep it clean. Here are some [...]

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​Fiberglass Hull Gouge Repair

There’s nothing more disheartening for a boat owner than to see their carefully-maintained hull suddenly suffer a gouge. Gouges aren’t only unsightly, but can lead to more substantial problems such as leakage and long-term hull damage. We’ve put together a few tips for the best practices in fiberglass hull gouge repair to help you maintain your craft.It Gets Worse [...]

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​Buffing A Boat Gel Coat

If they actually sold elbow grease at boating and hardware stores, you wouldn’t need posts like this. But when it comes to buffing a boat gel coat, there’s no reason that you have to accept a fate of hard work and manual labor. There are better ways to buff your boat, especially if you commit to the right equipment, [...]

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​Boat Hatch Gasket & Seal Replacement Guide

Outside of the hull, there may be no better place on your boat to have a firm and confident seal than on the boat hatch. Separating one area from another is the name of the game here—and if you don’t have it properly sealed down, it could lead to all sorts of problems. The good news is that [...]

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​Caulking Boat Seams – Tips & Recommendations

Caulking and sealing are two of the most vital things any handy person can learn. When it comes to a vehicle that moves on water, it’s even more important. A proper caulking job will keep a boat well-protected and sealed, which in turn means more life for your investment. A proper caulking job will mean your boat looks better, too. [...]

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