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​Sailboat Hull Repair Guide

A dent or hole in your sailboat’s hull can feel like damage to the entire boat. But if your hull is made from fiberglass, you may have more options than you initially thought. We put together this sailboat hull repair guide to help!Step One: PreparationYou won’t be ready to tackle sailboat hull repair until you know a bit about [...]

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​Sailboat Deck Repair Guide

A sailboat is only as good as two things: the people sailing it, and the materials keeping it afloat. And though you may be an expert navigator and sailor, sometimes, the latter can disappoint you. That’s when it’s time to dust off the work gloves and consider handling some light repairs yourself. But how can you do a sailboat [...]

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​Sailboat Gelcoat Repair Guide

No sailboat should be without a quality gelcoat to maintain the durability and sheen of its fiberglass. But not every sailboat has the advantage of going through its journey completely scratch-free. That’s why we’ve put together a quick sailboat gelcoat repair guide. We hope these tips will help you understand how to handle a problem with your sailboat’s gelcoat and [...]

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​Fiberglass Boat Scratch Repair Guide

There’s nothing that looks quite like a brand-new boat. The hull is smooth, the upholstery is fresh, and there’s no doubt that it’s ready to take on the water. But the reality of marine life is that you’ll have to deal with a scratch on your boat’s fiberglass sooner or later. It pays to know how to deal with [...]

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​How To Reupholster Boat Cushions

Your boat can look great on the outside—a shining hull, fantastic individual parts, and even a brand-new paint job—but when it comes time to use it, there may be no element that’s more important to the look and feel of your boat than its boat cushions. These cushions should be comfortable, waterproof and free of holes. If you need [...]

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​Fiberglass Canoe Repair Guide

When you use a canoe, there’s very little material separating you from open water. That’s why even the smallest ding or crack can raise alarms. But repairing a fiberglass canoe can be much simpler than you think—particularly if you’re dealing with an issue of a clean crack. Although the typical repair process requires the affected area “getting worse before [...]

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​Boat Canvas Repair Tips

The marine canvas you use on your boat can be invaluable. Not only will it protect you from the sun, but it can protect your boat when you’re not around. That is, of course, unless the canvas itself is damaged. But how do you repair something that’s supposed to protect the rest of your boat? Here are a few [...]

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​Vinyl Boat Seat Repair Guide

You want your boat to look new. You take care of the hull, the engine, and the carpeting. But when your seats have rough spots on them, it can feel like all that hard work has gone out the window. How can you repair your vinyl seats quickly and easily to update the look of your boat and [...]

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​How To Paint A Fiberglass Boat Deck

Painting the fiberglass on your boat hull can be a great way to improve its appearance and make it look brand new. But if your boat deck leaves a lot to be desired, that work can be for naught. That’s why we’ve put together this brief guide on how to paint a fiberglass boat deck. Use these simple steps [...]

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​How To Remove Silicone From A Fiberglass Boat

The silicone gelcoat on your boat is one of its most important features, protecting the strength, color, and durability of your boat’s fiberglass. But it can also prove to be one of its chief challenges. Just how do you remove silicone without damaging the underlying fiberglass? Is it possible to handle yourself without a professional assisting you? Sure thing. Just [...]

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