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​How Bad Boat Owners Shorten Their Boat's Lives

Recently, we explored how you can extend your boat’s life span—just as any good boat owner would want. But sometimes, it’s not enough to know what you should do. You also want to know what you shouldn’t do.You may have zero plans on being a bad boat owner. But that doesn’t mean you’re immune from all of these mistakes. [...]

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Boat Care: Avoid these Rookie Mistakes

You may have all of the equipment you need to ensure your boat is ready to enjoy a long life out on the water, but that doesn’t mean you’re exempt from rookie mistakes. Whether you’ve just acquired your first boat or you’re a seasoned veteran of boating, it will help to refresh yourself on the basics of boat maintenance.Boat [...]

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​Five Tips to Extend Your Boat's Life Span

Boats aren’t easy investments. Even lifelong boaters will tell you that. But if you work to ensure that your boat is in great shape, you can extend its life and make sure you make the most of your boating dollar. Here are a few tips for keeping your boat as clean and healthy as possible.Nail Down Your Wax RoutineIt’s [...]

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​Dedicated Boat Cleaning & Maintenance Products: Six Reasons to Buy

You can buy just about any cheap cleaning or maintenance product out there and apply them to your boat. But that doesn’t mean you should. After all, there are many good reasons boat owners seek out the high-quality products they know will benefit their boat in the long run. If you’re still on the fence about dedicated boat products, [...]

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​Boat Cleaning Products: Buyer’s Guide

Let’s face the facts. Buying a boat can be expensive, and taking care of a boat can also be costly. If you want to ensure you get the most bang for your buck, you need to know that the products designed to maintain your boat are prepared to handle the toughest jobs.We recommend that you don’t buy another [...]

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Boat Cleaning Products: How to Read a Label

When you’re a new boat owner, it’s tough to admit just how confusing things are. And why not? You want to head out on the water; you don’t want to spend your time reading manuals, labels, and instructions.But there’s more to owning a boat than simply heading out on the water and enjoying a peaceful day—you’ve also got [...]

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BoatLife Release®: Now BoatingLAB Approved

Just how easy is it to release sealants—both cured and uncured—when you work with one of BoatLife’s flagship products, Release®? BoatingLAB—the review service from Boating, the world’s largest boating magazine—recently decided to put Release up to their tests. The results? You can see for yourself:Here’s how Release made it through BoatingLAB’s unique tests and came out on top:The Problem that Release Sets [...]

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Where to Buy the Best Possible Products for Your Boat

There are a lot of boating products out there, but once you’ve decided to live the BoatLIFE, there’s no going back to the other guys. The problem? You’re not sure where to buy your first boat product from BoatLIFE. Should you go online, and if so, how can you save on shipping charges? Can you find BoatLIFE products in [...]

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Three Vital Solvents and Removers Your Boat Needs

As any experienced boat owner will tell you, cleaning your boat is one thing—removing sealants is quite another. But if you have the right solvents and removers handy, removing cured adhesives and sealants doesn’t have to be such a chore. Here are the essential solvents and removers your boat needs to stay clean and sleek—and you need in order to [...]

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Five Essentials to Look for in Your Boat Caulks and Sealants

Boat caulks and sealants are like the lifeblood of the boating world: with them, you’re free to sail and enjoy your boat. Without them, well, you’re stuck.BoatLife Caulks and Sealants hold up well to what we call the five essentials: the characteristics of every bond and sealant you’ll need to feel comfortable and confident in the fact that your boat [...]

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