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​Boat Repairs: Four Signs You Should Try It Yourself First

The bad news: your boat needs some fixing. The good news: you might be able to repair it yourself.But how do you know when your boat repairs should be done by you or when you should turn to a boating expert instead? Here are a few of the signs that a boat repair is easy enough for you [...]

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​Four Boat Repair Products That Will Make Your Life Easier

The phrase boat repair may be intimidating, especially if you’re new to boating. Repairing a car is one thing—you can take it into the shop. But where do you go when your boat needs light repairs?The good news is that there are rarely any “new” problems in boat repair. If your boat is having an issue, chances are [...]

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​Boat Cleaning Myths: What You Really Need to Know

Most people understand how to clean, even in the complicated environment of a boat that’s constantly exposed to water and wildlife. It’s when people adhere to incorrect myths about boat cleaning that things go awry.To that end, we’re attempting a different kind of cleaning. In this article, we’ll wash away some of the most common myths about boat cleaning!“Boats are [...]

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​How to Dock a Boat: Don’t Leave Your Boat Without This Checklist

When you’re done with an afternoon of boating, you might have had a blast—but let’s face it, you’re tired. You just want to hook up the boat and get home as soon as you can. Before you leave, however, it’s important to stick to a basic checklist that will help ensure you take the best care of your boat. [...]

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​Five Boat Cleaning Products You Didn't Know You Needed

Caring for your boat is easy enough to handle when you have the right boat cleaning products. The real problem is when you know your boat can use a dedicated boat restoration product but you simply don’t know which one to grab. Here are some of the boat cleaning products you may not have known you needed.Product #1: [...]

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​Sprung a Boat Leak? Here are Three Steps to Avoid Disaster

It’s every boat owner’s worst nightmare: water inside the boat. But if you’re prepared and have an action plan, springing a minor leak doesn’t have to be a disaster.Find the LeakIsn’t the source of any boat leak obvious? It’s where the water’s coming in, right? In reality, you’ll first notice most leaks simply because there’s water in your boat. [...]

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​Boat Cleaning Products: Five Signs You Need to Switch

You think you know boat cleaning products. You spray them on, wipe them off, and your boat will be clean, right? Unfortunately, there’s a lot you may be missing. Whether you’re a new boat owner or someone who’s been boating for decades, there are subtle signs that you may need to switch to a better boat cleaning product.You Keep [...]

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​Boat Maintenance Tips You Won't Find in the Manual

Change the oil frequently, inspect your boat, make sure that everyone is clear when you launch. You know the typical tips for good boating and good boating maintenance. But what about the issues that you hear much less about? If you’ve yet to log much experience on the water—or even if you have—these lesser known boat maintenance tips should [...]

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The Most Effective Boat Cleaning Routine

There’s an old saying when it comes to maintenance: an ounce of prevention is as good as a pound of cure. It’s the same for cleaning. This is especially true for boats, since boat owners have to deal with the dynamic environment of bilges, engines, and interior pieces made from carpets and vinyl.How can you clean it all without [...]

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​How Bad Boat Owners Shorten Their Boat's Lives

Recently, we explored how you can extend your boat’s life span—just as any good boat owner would want. But sometimes, it’s not enough to know what you should do. You also want to know what you shouldn’t do.You may have zero plans on being a bad boat owner. But that doesn’t mean you’re immune from all of these mistakes. [...]

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