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​The Serious Boater's Checklist for Avoiding Bad Weather

On the surface, a bout of bad weather might seem like nothing else than a damper on your enjoyable afternoon of good boating and good company. But when you’re at the mercy of the water, bad weather is much more than a threat to your good time: it’s a legitimate worry that can sometimes threaten your life if you’re [...]

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​Keeping Your Boat Safe - Even When You're Not Using It

Sooner or later, our friends in cold climates are going to have to admit defeat: cold weather is here, and it’s here to stay. For a few months, at least. And with the cold weather comes the inevitable questions of how to properly store and maintain your boat when you’re off doing other things until spring.But while most people [...]

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​How to Clean Your Boat Before Winter Comes

Winter isn’t nice to boats. In fact, it can be downright crummy. For those in warm climates, autumn and winter can mean difficult weather and chilly, rainy days. For those in cold climates—well, winter means ditching the boat altogether.But no matter where you live, cleaning your boat before winter comes is of paramount importance. It will help prepare your [...]

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​Store Your Boat in a Marina

For a lot of boat owners, storing your boat is easy. You pick a boatyard with rack storage or dry racks or, if you have the room, you use your garage. That way your boat is kept dry and warm all winter long—and you prevent the long-term exposure to the water, too.But what about those times in the [...]

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​Make Bilge Cleaning Easy with These Three Tips

Imagine one day you head down to the marina and see an officer of the Coast Guard—or a similar authority—next to your boat. He announces that he has to cite you for polluting the water and, as you can see by observing the oily film next to your boat bilge, he’s right.The fines for such a violation can [...]

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​How to Restore Color to a Faded Boat

When the sky is clear, the water is blue, and the sea is mostly empty, there are few things as beautiful as a vibrant colored boat ready to be taken out from the marina. Unfortunately, your boat doesn’t qualify.The good news is that even if your boat has faded in color over the years, there are still things [...]

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​How to Clean Stainless Steel in Three Quick Steps

Admit it: stainless steel is your favorite boat material.And why not? Stainless steel is very convenient. It’s highly resistant to rusting, highly capable of handling plenty of exposure to water, and even resistant to corrosion from acids. It’s one of the best materials on earth for using in boats--and not only that, but it looks good while doing [...]

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​When Is It Time to Store Your Boat for Winter?

True, it’s tough to admit when winter’s here. Winter means cold, it means blistering winds, and it means difficult storage questions for your boat. But sooner or later, even the most avid boaters who live in cool-weather climates have to admit defeat.But when exactly is that going to be? Is it better to stretch the fall season for as [...]

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​Five Hidden Benefits to Waxing Your Boat Regularly

Ask most people why they wax their boat and they’ll likely tell you one thing: it looks better with wax on it. The same reasoning goes for cars. But many people forget that waxing a boat isn’t just about appearances; it’s about real benefits to maintenance and performance that you can’t have if you ignore your boat’s hull.Don’t believe [...]

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​How to Fix Common Fiberglass Problems

If you’re a boat owner, then you know all about fiberglass. It’s practically a requirement that comes with the purchase.And since maintaining and cleaning your fiberglass is so central to maintaining the look and quality of your boat, it’s vexing when your fiberglass doesn’t cooperate. Everything from simple stubborn stains to rust stains and black streaks can make your [...]

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